5-day FPO Capacity Training for Retired Defence Personnel, Jai Jawan Kisan Training Programme Hyderabad, Telangana MANAGE

25th September to 29th September 2023

NAFPO is the Knowledge Partner to MANAGE, Hyderabad for capacity building of FPOs, including CBBOs, FPO staff and donor agencies interested in working with FPOs. Recently, a training on retired armed forces personnel was conducted to cater to the gap in professional management at FPO level

The Jay Jawan Kisan training program had over 39 participants nationwide. Participants assembled at the Manage training centre for the 5-day residential in-person training and training was conducted by our Resource persons – Vaishali Gite (NAFPO) and Vijayaragavan R (NAFPO). The participants were introduced to FPOs and various opportunities in the FPO sector. At the training location, participants were provided with stationery, training materials, a projector, Laptops/ computers, and Wi-Fi access among others to ensure the smooth progress of training activities.

5 day workshop