Digital Ecosystem

NAFPO has recently launched an online FPO HR Marketplace. It aims to solve the issue of access to and availability of talent and professional support which is critical in enabling FPOs/ Agri-businesses to achieve self-reliance and sustainability. Also, it aspires to enable Job seekers passionate about working in the Farm sector to access high-impact roles & opportunities available in FPOs/ leading Agri Businesses. The marketplace is the first of its kind and is designed to bring recruiters and job seekers on a single platform to ensure easy access to a variety of talent and opportunities to both FPOs/Resource Institutions and professionals.

We request you to register your resume/post jobs on the portal as required and make use of the facility available. We request your support in making this initiative a success. Please find the attached announcement and the link to the portal below.

NAFPO Online HR Marketplace:

Benefits to Recruiters:

  1. Talented professionals passionate to work in the agri-sector (FPOs) in one place- candidates on the portal include professionals with IRMA, TISS, IIMA background
  2. Opportunity for hiring interested candidates for short-term internship projects
  3. 24/7 updates on candidates applying for jobs
  4. Screening of candidates based on basic criteria
  5. Free of cost

Benefits to Job Seekers:

  1. All FPO/ Farm sector-related jobs in one place. Recruiters on the portal include: Kamatan, Transform Rural India Foundation, NAFPO, FDRVC, NSPDT, and many others
  2. 24/7 easy access to the latest opportunities and facilities to track application
  3. Free of cost.