Demand & Price Outlook Report

NAFPO is closely working with Credible India ( ) and NCDEX ( ) in facilitating and creating a platform for FPOs to hedge their produce and to protect FPOs from future price risks/ shocks.A market-based product using futures to hedge price risks, and an END TO END farmer digital tracking tool to monitor on-farm activity will be used to achieve favourable outcomes for the FPOs. NAFPO in collaboration with Credible are working together to assist and increase awareness of hedging principles and risks. As a part of this initiative, we have developed Demand & Price Outlook Report for major crops. These reports intend to provide farmers with a mid-term view. Moreover, NAFPO & Credible, based on the analysis made in its reports, will be able to provide better risk management to FPOs who are interested in hedging their commodity on NCDEX/MCX platform and can provide assistance for the current & coming crop cycle.

The reports are prepared by Credible. The price expectations are based upon technical analysis (price trends in NCDEX) and fundamental analysis (Production, demand, import/export data etc) by the commodities team at Credible.

Report in English

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