Capacity Building Initiatives


Many organisations have been working on capacity building- even then the need is still not being fulfilled as the expectations have changed and the ecosystem has evolved with diverse needs, starting from FPO operations, management, governance, compliances to human resource skilling, membership enhancement and tech adoption. In this respect, NAFPO has curated a training module for capacity building of FPOs at different stages of promotion and maturity. NAFPO has trained more than 1000 women farmers associated with 150+ FPOs in leadership and staff positions.

Training Areas Indicators Modules Duration
Basic Systems Business Plan Business Planning Workshop- to cover data required for preparing business plan, business plan in an excel sheet, MCS 2 day
Capital support under 10KFPO availed
Licenses obtained for operations – Mandi regd, sale of inputs FPO Governance & Compliances- Get the registrations done also, reduction in penalties 1 day
Enabling licenses under Start-Up, MSME obtained
Financial Viability Financial Indicators : EBIDTA, Reserves FPO Financial viability & business development 1 day
Member contribution to net worth
Relevance and Centrality % of SHG Members in the operating area become members FPO Membership Building and Patronage 1 day
% of total members capacity patronised
Efficiency in value chain Reduction in market access, post-harvest losses, handling and wastage losses FPO Financial viability & business development 1 day
Increase in share of consumer rupee
Governance Statutory Compliances and Audits FPO Governance MCS/MIS- Nodal agency reporting 2 days
Member reporting on FPO performance instituted
Board oversight Independent Directors Development Program 1 day
Board ownership & visioning FPO Concept seeding- roles & responsibilities 1 day
Operating System Business Model and Plan Implementation and Review System MCS, Business Planning, Role of stakeholders in handholding and support ecosystem, Accounting system- Simplykhata 1 day
Staff capacity and systems put in place for upstream and downstream interventions 1 day

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