Promotion of 100 All-Women FPOs

Our Work

  • Agriculture is the largest source of employment in India, over 80% of our farms/farmers come under either the small or marginal category
  • Small & Marginal farmers lack input & output linkages/ market access, advisory services and access to information and technology and remain vulnerability
  • FPOs are modes of aggregation that seek to bring services and market access to smallholder farmers.
  • FPOs have become a most sought-after institutional structure for bringing the farmers together, to represent themselves in the market thus addressing the challenges of smallholder farmers.
  • Samunnati, TRIF, NAFPO and NRLM have come together to promote 100 all-women Farmer Producer Companies across 5 States, namely, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh & Assam.
  • Signed MoU with SFAC (GOI) in July 2022.
  • The intent is to enable Women to be part of FPO movement for the improvement of their livelihood & incomes and to strengthen women’s participation in agriculture.
  • So far, 57 FPO have been registered

Services Offered to FPO

  • Access to Market - direct procurement of commodities through procurement centres which will be managed by the FPC at competitive market rates & agreed quality specifications & Warehousing service for FPOs
  • Access to organized Storage Space & Pledge Financing  - Warehouse services
  • Access to Technology - Samunnati-NAFPO will deploy relevant and required technology at FPC to enable the FPC to manage its business effectively and efficiently
  • Capacity Building and handholding of FPO- NAFPO will be providing capacity building trainings to BoDs, FPO staff and FPO members.
  • Access to Capital (Samunnati with the support from SRLM will identify the financial need of the FPC and will extend quick pre-approved working capital loans to enable FPC execute business and increase its turnover)
    • Administrative assistance in receiving funds from SFAC. SFAC will provide Rs.18 Lakhs over 3 years into the FPO account for Management and operational costs.
    • Assist eligible FPOs in availing SFAC Equity Grant and Credit Guarantee Schemes as well help FPO develop business plan and become sustainable.