Who is an Associate?

Associate is an individual or organization which shares NAFPO’s objective to strengthen FPOs towards improving the well-being of small and marginal farmers. Three categories of Associates covering the entire eco-system are:

1Primary Associate (All FPOs/FPCs and SLPCs)
Any farmer institutions with an active status and equity capital of Rs 1 lakh or more. One-time entry fees of Rs 1000 per individual FPO and State level federations.

2Institutional Associate (FPO Promoting Bodies)
All promoting institutions like NGOs and Apex institutions with promotional interest in development of FPOs. The entry fee per institution will be Rs 1000.

3Business Associate (Organisations with Commercial interest)
Any enterprise working in the food industry and supply chain of agri-business of commercial interest with FPOs. It is important to invite industry partners to join NAFPO’s effort. The entry fee per company will be Rs 5000.

Special Invitees
Apart from the above, special invitees who align with the goals and objectives of NAFPO will be invited. This includes individuals with demonstrated interest in FPO development and success.

Why should you join us?

It is critical for the success of building a robust ecosystem to collaborate with all the stakeholders to mobilize collective energies. This is essential in development of pathways for FPOs to achieve scale and sustainability. We invite you to join us in this collaborative effort.

Associate Council
For more information, please contact aneesha@nafpo.in